Homelessness should not exist

How often do you walk past someone in the street, sat there in grubby clothes, weather beaten and looking down. Normally with a means of collecting a small amount of change laid out in front of them.

My god, why has life come to this?

How is it in this modern world that has given us so much, has also taken so much from so many?

How can you walk past someone without a home literally begging for money for food and drink?

If everyone that walked past donated this person just 50p or whatever small change they have, surely that would make all the difference?

Why are they homeless?

We are fed lies about addiction, violence and vagrancy. That’s what these people turn to because of the way the system works.

You see, if the government strip affordable housing away from those that need it, or even raise rent prices, or price up land so the private housing sector can justify affording it, then these people are less likely to be able to afford to live there.

So then, these same people are were denied a rightful education in an underfunded school in an underfunded area, how are they able to afford a house with no job prospects in order to pay for it?

I mean these people might get the dole, but how can that afford a house?

Meanwhile the cheap housing gets snapped up by the wealthy. I mean, in order to make money, you need to make more money. So all the houses that are out of reach by those in need get bought by those that don’t.

So we got less social housing, less affordable housing for those in need.

As the government are stripping funding from social housing and allowing the members of parliament (across most parties, it isn’t a one party thing), to buy up cheap property from councils, they turn it into private housing for profit.

Which prices the poor out the market.

The ‘Right to Buy’ scheme resulted in desolation of affordable housing in the early 80’s. A 2013 survey showed around one third of Right to Buy houses were now owned by private landlords whilst the son of Thatcher’s housing minister Ian Gow owned some 40 houses. What was left is in ‘less desirable’ areas that are areas of disrepair, underfunded and forgotten. Houses are unkempt and no one wants to live there.

So people have no choice. They get priced out of having anywhere to live.

So the next time you see a homeless person. Think of how they’ve been screwed by our own government yeah? And victimised for it, endlessly.

Give them a quid, maybe even have a chat.

But don’t judge them.


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